Painting, for me... about the process. It all starts with a simple line.


I am intrigued by how simple lines and shapes combine with others to form complex constructs. With each line and each layer of transparent paint added, new possibilities arise, and new compositions emerge – forms overlap, merge and collide, lines fade and reappear, and sometimes it becomes difficult to tell what the „initial“ shapes were.


This process, for me, is not only about exploring and constructing, it is also about letting go – letting go of particular ideas or an attachment to a specific outcome, and letting go of the existing to create something new: colours and shapes are overlaid, disappear, sometimes large parts of the painting are covered again, leaving only a few lines visible and some shapes shining through – a hint of what was there before.




Veronika Krämer (born 1985) is a Berlin-based artist who focuses on abstract geometric paintings.


With her grandfather and great-grandfather having been artists, Veronika came into contact with drawing and painting at an early age. However, it was only recently that she decided to make painting a profession. Since then, her works have been selected for various group exhibitions, both virtual and physical, and have been exhibited in Europe, the USA and Asia. She was longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2023.


Veronika studied in Paris, Vienna, Oslo, and Munich and holds a „Magister Artium“ degree (Master of Arts) in Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and Scandinavian Studies.










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